Have You Braved Enough to play Scary Maze Game?

It’s probably safe to bet that everyone has heard of the infamous Scary Maze Game. Surely, with such popularity and the swarm of viral videos, this scary sensation is bound to have surfaced on every computer screen in America. Or has it?

The number of Scary Maze Game videos featuring the horrified reactions of unsuspecting victims of this bone chilling game, do not appear to be dwindling. In fact, there are even newer and more frightening versions of the Scary Maze Game available these days. So what is the Scary Maze Game?

The scary maze is a flash game masterpiece that has the amazing ability of capturing you attention, while keeping you distracted at the same time. There is only one rule. Don’t touch any walls. Most often, unsuspecting players have been challenged by a friend to navigate a small red dot through something called the “scary maze”. After being told how only a select few are able to make it past level four of the maze, ego takes control and they grab the mouse. After all, this maze doesn’t look that scary.

The appearance of the game is harmless enough. Usually a crude, blocky maze and a simple red dot. The non threatening appearance of the Scary Maze Game is part of it’s genius. Level one looks so ridiculously easy, most will attempt it just to quiet down the person who has challenged them. After easily defeating level one, a smaller path appears and level two begins. Quickly enough, the player defeats level two. Friv Games

Then things begin to get tricky. Level three consists of a much smaller path to navigate and the unsuspecting participant will most often scoot closer to the screen and start to focus. Many people will actually hit a wall on this level. At which time, the scary maze game simply starts over at level one. This has been known to happen numerous times on level three. This becomes increasingly frustrating to the player, which is now completely drawn in. They will often request complete silence, as they are now more determined than ever to beat the deceptive maze game.

Upon reaching level four, the player is faced with a very narrow and what looks to be impossible path to navigate. Their hand grips the computer mouse tightly to avoid any unnecessary movement and off they go. Unfortunately this phase of the scary maze game is designed to be impossible. The player will hit a wall. That is unavoidable. Trust me. It will happen. When they do comes the moment we have all been waiting for.

A horribly grotesque picture, usually that of Linda Blair as she appeared in the movie “The Exorcist”, suddenly and unexpectedly appears. This appearance of probably one of the scariest faces of all time, would be enough to send most running out of the room. But the scary maze game takes it a step further by adding a toe curling, bone chilling scream that is quick to remind you of how loud your computer speakers actually are. If you finish all levels of this game then you must taste Basketball Legends for ultimate adventure.

Common reactions are screaming, leaping, falling out of one’s chair or all of the above. The entire situation is usually being deviously recorded by the one who challenged the gullible victim in the first place. It’s usually not long before that video makes it’s way onto the world wide web. Often shamefully hilarious, the videos go viral and inadvertently further the popularity of the scary maze game.

Feeling brave? The maze is almost everywhere on the net. You can always try it for yourself. Just make sure nobody is recording!

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